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Taktisches Anlegen mit Persönlichkeit. Direkt vom Chef.

What we do for you

We offer comprehensive support in all your financial matters:
Asset Management
For all asset management mandates, a risk profile is developed together with you and the management of the assets is automatically implemented by Chefinvest within the framework of these defined guidelines (customized investment concept).  The assets are deposited with the custodian bank of your choice in your name and we inform you personally with comprehensive reporting.
Investment Models
Investment Advisory
Are you an interested and well-informed investor who likes to make your investment decisions with a professional sparring partner? We provide you with valuable ideas and suggestions for developing and implementing your investment strategy. The basis for this is our advisory mandate. The jointly developed risk profile serves as the basis for the investment decisions you make with our support. Through regular exchanges, we ensure that your assets are optimally aligned in terms of return, security and liquidity.
What defines us

What we do for you

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Relationship of trust
We strive for a long-term development of the relationship with you. With us, your contact person is always the chef.
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Financial planning
When managing your portfolio, we take into account the chosen risk profile as well as the corresponding risk capacity.
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Consolidation of accounts
We are your direct contact for the banking relationships entrusted to us. We can present these in a consolidated manner.
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Independent monitoring
Thanks to modern software, we can continuously review and optimize the investment concept in a controlled manner. Structured recording of the total assets creates maximum transparency about the investments and their performance.
What we care about

Our philiosophy

For your success

Our Network

Together, the Chefinvest partners offer more than 150 years of experience in the national and international financial industry and in supporting wealthy clients. These numerous personal contacts of Chefinvest to companies and leading personalities both in Switzerland and abroad open doors for us, which we are glad to open for you as well.
Create Value
Successful, interdisciplinary wealth management expertise from a single source.