Andreas Reimann

The Gift of Combining

I started painting in the United States of America. In 1983, after graduating from high school, I left Austria and went to South Carolina, Hilton Head Island. I had just started to study economics in Vienna, but I didn't like it. Instead of listening to boring lectures, I worked in restaurants by the sea as a waiter, bartender or dishwasher. In the winter, when there wasn't much to do in the off-season, I started painting..."

- Andreas Reimann

Andreas Reimann is a collector: the artist carefully absorbs his environment, recreates it and begins to interpret. Pop culture from all directions, aesthetic advertising, alienation - Reimann remixes his material like a DJ, he uses samples and brings icons into a new context.

"The imagery of Viennese artist Andreas Reimann between Warhol and Rauschenberg, but always clearly Reimann, gives space for reflections on the media appropriation of idols, on their waste and their mystical nature."

- Die Welt

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